57. When The Smog Device Costs More Than The Truck

Last week I posted a link on Facebook to an ad for a 96 International cabover. The flat-top truck had 700,000 miles, a Detroit 60 with a 10 speed and an asking price around $6,000.00. Living in Wisconsin, I recognized the truck as being an old Roehl Transport truck. I thought the truck could easily be a money maker.

Let’s say you’re the proud new owner of this piece of equipment. You bought it for 6 grand, then spent another $3,000 dollars getting it roadworthy. Next, you’ve found a great company with a really profitable pay plan, but there’s one catch. You will be running California several times a month. How do you comply with CARB?

You have 2 choices.

  1. Find another carrier and stay out of California.
  2. Buy an aftermarket DPF to comply with CARB.

Before you make that choice, be aware that the cost of the aftermarket exhaust treatment system is likely to cost you three time what you’ve spent on the ruck. These systems go for 18k or more. Add to that the cost of the required regular cleanings. They also heat up to temperatures around the 1,400 degree mark. According to the Washington Examiner, there re more that 50,000 retrofitted trucks in California. Some have experienced fires and explosions.

In this episode, we will talk about some of these aftermarket units, and the total lack of credibility from CARB. It seems that we still have some flawed science, mostly brought on by a couple of “experts” who lied about their credentials.

Show Notes

We also welcome Radio Eleven-Three X listeners to the trucking podcast. Don and I are proud to be a part of their programing schedule. The radio version will be two hours long. The extra time will be filled with great music, and a little extra content from us. Don and I look forward to being long-term partners in this project.

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