56. Street Outlaws Arrests, Signature Truck Failure


Once again, we have quite a bit to cover on this week’s show. If you want to see our show prep meeting, you can catch it on YouTube. Don and I may start doing this every week if you guys decide you like it. We are shifting our recording schedule to Sunday nights in order to bring you more and better shows. Here are our show notes, in no particular order.

Signature Truck Failure

For starters, I want to thank the owners of that beautiful Kenworth glider truck. They started a Facebook page, Track That Truck, so we could all follow along. The page starts with the truck rolling off the assembly line in Ohio, then on to Pittsburgh Power. In PP’s capable hands, it received the full Kevin Rutherford signature treatment. After a year on the road, the truck’s engine failed. Cooling system corrosion, cylinder wall scoring and bearing wear well beyond normal were all found during engine dis-assembly.

There are some big names involved here, and Kevin Rutherford’s name is one of them. What happened, happened. Nothing can change that now. I’m sure the parties involved will realize the value of making this right. Everyone knew the truck wasn’t a rolling billboard. It was a rolling experiment and it will continue to be just that.

What I find surprising is Rutherford’s  thin skin on this one. He’s just launched a podcast network, and we’re going into truck show season. Kevin’s answer? Abandon Facebook and duck the criticism. He could take the high road and help us all learn what we can from this. He could take the low road and deny any of his choices had anything to do with the failure. Who thought he’d hide under the porch?

Show Notes

  • Everyone needs to follow this link and print out these phone numbers. It’s the numbers to call for a railroad emergency. After all of the coverage of the recent oversized load causing a train wreck, it’s interesting to know that it may have been avoided. All it would have taken is the driver, or the two cops escorting the load to call the phone number posted on crossing. Within a minute, the train would have been notified to stop. Go to Overdrive’s link to get the info you need.
  • Two Street Outlaws stars have been arrested for their part in an illegal street racing wreck that killed two spectators. This comes on the heels of the NHRA warning them about loosing their NHRA licenses. They obviously  failed to heed the warning, and will probably loose a few years of freedom.

Also, Walls that pee back, Dunkin’ Donuts, Grateful Dead tickets and Andria Mitchell getting pranked are topics.