50. Half-Ton Diesels, Rolling Coal

What’s up with half-ton trucks? If you’re like me, you remember being able to buy a Ford or Chevy half-ton with a six banger and a stick for under 10 grand. It wasn’t that long go. There was also a slew of 4 banger compact trucks, imported and domestic. Those days are GONE!

Half Ton Diesels

These seem to be the next big thing in pickup trucks. Ram and Nissan seem to be the first with products on the market. Toyota, GM and Ford are close behind. The Ram 1500 get’s a V6 made by Fiat. The Nissan gets a Cummins. Say WHAT? You read it right.

Toyota has been rumored to be talking with Cummins for an engine, too. It seems those are just rumors. Toyota owns a large share of Hino, giving them access to proven production engines. Why would they buy from anyone else?

Ford and Chevy are close behind with their offerings, but nothing is pinned down at this point.

The E.P.A. and Diesels

Speaking of diesels in things other than semi trucks, what’s with the E.P.A? It appears they have a serious dislike for oil burners. Don and I have been doing a bit of digging on this one. I also have a few opinions of my own. It seems that diesel fumes are so safe, animals can even breathe them safely.

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Other Show Notes

  • Truck fumes put sleeping driver in coma.
  • Cousin Eddie’s motor home vandalized.
  • Radio signals from outer space.
  • Students told to drop their pants for poop inspection.

You may have noticed, we have a new intro today. It’s not unusual for us to get email from new artists. Many times, these emails include links to where I can buy their work.

Peri Pastor is the lead singer for a Siren On The Moon, an LA based band. They are unsigned, for now. They also catch the podcast. He sent us a link to some of their work, and gave us permission to use it. You will find a link in the footer to their website, and a video of their work. I appreciate Peri’s humble approach. They have some very talented musicians.

Don and I would love to have a few intros in several genres. It must be unsigned artists and original work. Also, no slow stuff. We are hoping to be launching with a new internet radio station soon. The show will be two hours long, with music making the difference. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get the details.

Rolling Coal

With show notes written and the Super Bowl on the TV, I kicked back to enjoy the end of the game. Looking at news feed updates brought me to the rolling coal story. It’s at the end of the show notes, but we covered it right off the top.