36. Bad Fuel and a Beating, No Waiting.

It’s Monday morning, October 27th. It’s a very special day in the Ballard home. We have a lot of things going on within a short time span. My birthday, Kris’ birthday and the 5th anniversary of her stem cell transplant. But today is different. It’s our 30th wedding anniversary, so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my wife, Kris. Anyone living with me for 30 years deserves more than I can give them.

We’re all over the board today. Phone apps, trucking news, and a few goofy articles from Mother Earth magazine. I’ll give a shot at a few show notes.

  • You  don’t have to listen to The Trucking Podcast for too long before you realize how much I dislike Pilot/Flying J. I rarely go to one of their so called travel plazas. When I do, I am reminded why I stay away. Today I have a couple of news stories about them.
  • Don found a cool app that US Express made for their drivers. I found another app that may be totally useless, but cool.
  • There’s been a lot of chatter about disposable trucks lately. I don’t really know why they’re called disposable. They’re low end glider kits. We’ve talked about them in class 8 form before, but now it sounds like they will start showing up in medium duty service.
  • 5 things worse than Ebola.
  • How do you train drivers to handle themselves after an accident? We found a great article on the subject.
  • More wacky news from Mother Jones mag.

Again, you will have to listen to the show to catch just why everything is so hectic today, but it’s for good reason.  We hope you enjoy this episode.