3. Bridge Scale and Hours of Service

Bridge Scale Formula

As most of you know, I’ve been over the road for better than a dozen years with 18-wheelers. On the other hand, Don has only been driving for a year. Don’s always been local. I gave him an assignment for the week. Master the Bridge Scale Formula that we truckers are supposed to follow. I think you’ll love his response. It’s confusing, baffling, and just plain stupid that this formula isn’t the same in every state. I have to admit, this bunch of mathematical mumble-jumble was a big part of why I loved spread axles.

Hours of Service

The next thing he looked into was the new Hours of Service. I wanted to know if Don thought the new rules were as convoluted as I do. I think we are in total agreement on this one. What a mess. It might be easier than the bridge crap, but not by much. I do think I make a great case for how to overturn at least a portion of the law. You’ll have to listen to the show to hear my case.

We also explain what happened to the Five Dollar podcast, the Seven Dollar podcast and why we are now the plain old Trucking Podcast. A few have asked why I am using my nickname on the show. I will explain that too.

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