213. Pickups, Cowboy Hats and Dive Bars

pickup truck dive bar

We’re veering off the beaten path of trucking this week. Instead, we’re talking about pickups, cowboy hats and dive bars. I love the first two, and have a fair amount of experience with the third.

These were all inspired by the ol’ email in-box. I subscribe to an abundance of websites and blogs, then cherry pick the best for content. The goal is to entertain and inform you, the listeners.

New American Pickups

There’s a Dodge, a Chevy an a Ford on this list from Autoguide.com. They give us a winner, a looser and one they’re undecided about. This list isn’t entirely trucks, and we do have to give an honorable mention to one of the little imports. Any screaming tuner with 275 horsepower and a sticker price around 22 grand gets my respect. Even if it’s a Hyundai.

Want Your Favorite Cowboy Hero’s Hat?

cowboy hat

And what do you wear when cruising around in your classic truck? (Because your $3,000 87 half-ton is WAY cooler than a new Ram) How about a classic cowboy hat. I’ve always believed that high back bucket seats and huge headrests were responsible for the demise of the cowboy hat. At least among the urban crowd, cowboy hats are just not popular like they were years ago.

If you decide to rekindle that cowboy spirit, and you want to wear the hat of your favorite cowboy hero, go right ahead. Movie star hats from True Grit, 3:10 To Yuma, Lonesome Dove and more are available. Some are more expensive than others, but you can buy yourself one.

TrueWestMagazine.com has a fairly inclusive list. A simple Google search will tell you where to score others. Personally. I would recommend 2 cowboy hats. You will need a felt hat for the colder weather, and a straw hat for summer’s hottest months.

Ordering A Drink In A Dive Bar

From SuperCall.com comes this piece about ordering a drink in a dive bar. I don’t know what’s more fun here. Although there’s a common thread here as far as what you can safely order, some of these bartenders are a bit on the snooty side. They make easy targets for our critique and ridicule.

Seriously, I used to keep a pint in the pickup truck. Then, I’d stick to tap beer, and take a stroll out to the parking lot from time to time. With the DUI and open container laws of today, that probably isn’t a smart play. Come to think of it, it wasn’t a smart play then either.

You Should Have Asked Buck and Don

What’s a good first car for my teenager?

Finish off with a really bad ad about popcorn.