202. DOT Cop In The Studio 2

Kevin Colton, DOT Cop (Retired) In The Studio

DOT cop in the studio
Kevin Colton is PTI’s safety manager in Atlanta,GA. His background in trucking and law enforcement make him a great source of information, trucking and otherwise.

This week is another episode of DOT Cop In The Studio, plus Buck’s Top 3. But it’s not all trucking. I had a few questions for Kevin, but only a couple are specifically aimed at trucking. I think you’ll enjoy them all. Here are a few things we talked about.

  • Was it road rage, or domestic disturbance? I wasn’t sure, but I wanted to ask Kevin’s advice in hindsight.
  • Responsibilities surrounding concealed carry permits.
  • Cell phone advice from a concealed carry column.
  • DAC reports and cell phone abuse.
  • Today’s more common DOT violations.
  • Playing the retired cop card when you’re pulled over. This question is about a friend who I think takes far too much advantage of his retired cop status.

Be sure to check out our last conversation with Kevin Colton. It was Episode 196, DOT Cop In The Studio.

Buck’s Top 3 – Trucking News

Tesla truck true costLandlinemag.com

Driver’s commute time studyTruckersnews.com

Indiana wants ELD rule delayed. Worktruckonline.com

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

We had a few issues with this episode. For starters, Don wasn’t able to make it. Adding to the mix, the Castle Curator and VP of social media (and the dreaded red flashing light) was still fighting a cold. On top of all this, I had a few glitches in the live stream that had to be overcome. We worked our way through things, and I’m grateful for Kevin’s time and willingness to be on the podcast, especially with this episode.

Don will be back next week, and I will be using those of you in Buck and Don’s Show Notes (closed group, send request if you want to join) as test rats for some test streams between now and then.