200. Three Reasons The Trucking Podcast Lasted This Long

I hate to admit this, but The Trucking Podcast was almost an accident. I’d entered the wonderful world of podcasters long before this show came around. I’d also dabbled in launching a few other sites. After making the decision to either find a co-host or give up podcasting completely, my castle curator came up with an idea. She asked “why don’t you and Don do something?” Don and I ran with it.

Why The Trucking Podcast?

  1. I already owned the domain name. That’s right. I originally bought the name to help draw attention to a few of my favorite podcasts about trucking. This pretty much forced me to the daunting task of listening to all the podcasts on the subject, good or bad. Needless to say, I soon lost interest in the project.
  2. We both drive trucks for a living. I’d been trucking for years. Don had just been at it a year or two with a local beer route.
  3. There are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA. If we could draw just one percent, we’d rock. Okay, so I was a little naive on this one.

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All I can say is we’re still here, and we’re both still trucking. As a father, I can’t begin to put into words what it means to do this with my son. Yes, we’ve talked about killing the show a few times. We even have a few ideas of what to do next. But The Trucking Podcast is still here after 200 episodes.

Show Notes

Trucker Lexicon

While we’re being nostalgic, What’s a Choke n’ Puke? Are there still a few good ones around? It seems most have been replaced by grab n’ go restaurants.

Jelly Of The Month Club

We’ve found a slew of box in the mail clubs. Everything from socks to sushi, right on the ol’ interweb. Let’s have some fun with a few.

  • Spartan carton.
  • Sushi club, no sushi, 2 oz of wool fiber every month. Didn’t make it.
  • Beer soap of the month. Several choices to smell like a brewery all year.
  • Pickle of the month.
  • Condiment of the month.
  • Condom of the month.
  • Undies of the month, male or female.
  • Animal mask of the month.
  • Animal snack of the month.
  • Hot sauce of the month.
  • 420 goodie box of the month.
  • Whiskey of the month – scotch and bourbon.
  • Dirt of the month, gold dirt club.
  • 50,000 shave clubs.
  • Beard clubs.
  • Sock of the month.
  • Black sock of the month.
  • Single Tic Tac in a box every month.
  • Ammo of the month.
  • Adult novelty gift box of the month.
  • Survival gear of the month.

And the list goes on.. and on… and on…

Two Bad-Ass SEMA Rides

Killer V8 VW Rabbit -There’s a video in here too.

Killer Dodge Twin Engine Turbo Diesel – You’ve gotta see this one. Again, complete with video.

Three Cool Thanksgiving Products (you can’t have)

  • Thanksgiving pants. SOLD OUT
  • Thanksgiving Pringles. The tray includes the following flavors: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed corn, green bean casserole, mac and cheese and pumpkin pie.
  • Thanksgiving soda in the same flavors.

Buck’s Top 3 Trucking News