199. Analog To Digital Trucking – And Podcasting

The new age of technology is here, like it or not. The change from analog to digital trucking will affect us all, good or bad.

  • Electronic logs
  • Adaptive cruise
  • Dash cams
  • Telematics
  • GPS and adaptive cruise
  • Autonomous trucking
  • Block chain technology and brokerages

2018 Jeep Wrangler Owner’s Manual Leaked. Don found this one at Joloplink. We’ll cover a few of the changes we like.

Did we miss a great beater with the old Toyota Rav 4? We’ve talked about rigs like the old Suzuki Samurai and the Geo Tracker. How did we miss this one? Don and I seem to disagree on this one. Although I find rock climbing potential in the Rav, Don just doesn’t see it.

Fuzzy Dice. A trend that seemed to start with WWII pilots continues today. Thoughtco.com has a great article on the genesis of the trend.

Hauling Duck Eggs

You’ve heard me tell the story of chicken eggs and duck eggs. If you haven’t, you will. The point is, duck eggs cost more. A lot more. How do you find the duck eggs in trucking? You know what I mean. Those loads that pay more.

Trucking Podcast Going Digital

That’s right. With the help of a new mixing board, The Trucking Podcast is now digital. Well, kind of. I may have embraced the changes in trucking, but I went digital after kicking and screaming. I’ve lost a little more hair, and a lot of sleep.

Update: After discovering our usual Sunday night recording was totally unusable, Don and I started over on Monday and re-recorded the show. Needless to say the retake of the episode took far more twists, turns and rabbit holes than the original. The show notes may not be the best for the retake.

On the brighter side, I can finally get back to spending time on articles and show prep, not tech issues.



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  1. Interesting and fun episode! Robb Mariani (of the American Trucker tv show) actually had a pretty interesting perspective about autonomous trucking (shots fired at Elon Musk, FYI). The link is below.

    It’s so interesting to learn about the blockchain technology as it opens up possibilities with trucking– great insights in your podcast episode!

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