192. Are You Earning More?

Freight Rates Are Up. Are You Earning More?

Well, are you earning more? Everything I follow tells me the spot market is hot. Freight rates are definitely rising. The increase should be continuing as we deal with hurricanes, a driver shortage, and companies trying to get their hands on enough equipment to get the job done.

DAT published an interesting blog post titled 5 Tips for Fast Negotiations. Don and I will talk about it in this episode.

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Earning More What?

Seriously, what I can make today isn’t a whole lot different than what I made 15 years ago. I just don’t have to work as hard.I ran paper logs back then. Working 18 to 20 hours a day easily brought in 55 to 60 grand a year.

Today we have E-logs. We have better technology for dispatch. We also have a whole lot more drop and hook freight. You can sleep every night, get home more and still make 55 to 60 grand a year. You can also find fleets that pay higher, if you’re willing to pay the price.

In my case, I’m not earning more money, but I’m earning more time. Paper Transport offers serious options for the truckers who want to earn more. I’m choosing another path that gets more time off. Again, just what are you targeting? What area are you trying to improve?

Datsun’s 510 Turns 50

Before Nissan, it was Datsun. This little car was a game changer. Hemmings has the story. I’ve always loved these little box-on-box cars, but Hot Wheels is the only one with a 510 I can afford. But a man can dream.

Be looking for more posts, and more great stuff you can use. I plan on spending a lot of my newly found free time right here on this website.