171. Fake News And Morning Shows

Fake News

Fake news is the latest buzz word out of just about every major news organization. But the fake news I’m finding is in the typical morning show that keeps hard working folks entertained on their way to work.

Equipped with an unlimited data plan for my phone, and a brand spanking new Kenworth with a functional AM/FM radio, I’ve been trolling the air waves for stories. Great stories that I can share with all of you. And I’ve heard some real winners. Stories like the McDonald’s employee who stole more than 80 pounds of chicken nuggets. He reportedly stole them in small amounts, in condoms. You can guess where he hid the nugget filled condoms to get them home.

Then there’s the story of the Detroit woman, a former circus trainer. She’s accused of training squirrels to attack her ex-boyfriend. The little critters were even removed one of the victim’s testicles. Now that’s a story.

Like many morning show reports, both of these stories are totally made up. A quick google search will pull up both stories. The “mug shot” of the perpetrator looks like they’re insane. In fact, the mug shot has appeared in many other fake news stories.

Fake News And The Parking Shortage

A Pilot/Flying J employee recently requested I stop parking at Flying J since I don’t buy fuel there. I would like to give a GIANT reality check to anyone who agrees with this train of thought. Is this a rant? Yes, but it’s also the truth. If anyone has an issue with this trucker not parking where He bought fuel, just where do you expect all those company drivers who are forced to buy fuel at Pilot to park? Don and I covered this way back in episode 9, 11 Reasons Why We Hate Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers.

John Deere and Black Market Repairs

I caught this on Roadandtrack.com. It’s an interesting read. It’s especially interesting because truckers face the same issues. In fact, every new vehicle owner is facing the same dilemma.

Road Kill, Tricycles and Chainsaw engines

This is just too cool. A grown man, a kid’s trike and  chainsaw engine. Put them together and you have good clean fun. check it out at Roadkill.com. Be sure to catch the video in the post.

Sex, Trucks and Rock n Roll

A strange billboard sign in the Chicago area. We know that sex sells, but this?