148. Load Boards, Lanes and Rates – What Brokers Like

How To Find Out What Brokers Like

That’s simple. Just Google the words, what brokers like. I found a few great articles. One of the best came from the DAT blog.

There’s an old saying in sales. “You can get anything you want out of life if you just help others get what they want.” I heard it from Zig Zigler. He may have been quoting someone else. But it’s still a valid quote, even between you and a broker. He has a load, you have a truck and you’re both on the phone.


Don and I have been talking about negotiation skills in previous episodes of The Trucking Podcast. We will be incorporating a few of those in this episode. As you’ll learn in this episode, it’s all in how you handle yourself.

First, What Brokers Don’t Like

  • Long-winded explanations – Brokers have phones ringing, calls waiting and loads to cover. Use few words. Don and I talked about this in Episode 143. Be brief and get down to business.
  • Indecisiveness – Don’t hem and haw. If you don’t want the load, be respectful and move on.
  • “Is that all you have in the rate?” That’s the direct quote from the DAT blog. We’ll give you a few better tools to ask for a bump in that rate, but you can’t stand out if you do what everyone else does.

Other Things Brokers Need Help With

  • Covering loads located in out of the way locations
  • Dealing with new independents
  • Getting drivers off the phone

What Brokers Like

Three words, confidence, decisiveness and  respectful. It’s that easy.

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You can find the DAT blog post here.

Never Split The Difference Is A Must-Read For Success

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