125. Cat’s C15, Diesel Extreme, Hot Shot’s Secret, and What Happened to T-Tops?

Diesel Extreme from Hot Shot’s Secret is one of those products on the top of my recommend list. The reason is simple. You’ll see the results within the first thousand miles in nearly every application. I know this from personal experience. You can hear the whole road trip story in episode 69, Road Kill Style Road Trip. For now, I’ll give you the short version.

My Diesel Extreme Experience

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel ExtremeI started with an older diesel pickup, a 91 Ford F250. The previous owner did nothing but drive and maintain this truck. No additives of any kind were used. Doing my research, I learned that this old 7.3 engine was known for cavitation. International recommended a coolant additive available at my local International dealer. I flushed and filled the system, and added the recommended product. I also serviced the rest of the truck.

With the whole Hot Shot’s Secret deal still in the discussion mode, I decided to purchase Diesel Extreme and give it a test run on my 9 day, 4,200 mile RV road trip. I noticed the difference within about 1,000 miles. Less black smoke and less shifting down in the mountains of Montana and Idaho.

Talking With Bo Griffith

Bo from Hot Shot’s Secret is joining me today as we discuss several things.

  • Why is the Caterpillar C-15 tough on fuel economy?
  • Do chlorinated paraffins have a place in engine oil or additives? By the way, Hot Shot’s Secret does NOT use them. You can read the AmsOil report here. Take a look at the brands that use these chlorinated paraffins in their products.
  • The future of diesel engines and injection systems.
  • Frantz Bypass Oil Filters.

Other Gear Head Stuff

Bo being a fellow gear head, we had to cover a few other things that were on our minds.

  • The new Jeep Renegade. It’s a far cry from the Renegade of the 70’s.
  • Electric and hybrid technology in cars and trucks.
  • What ever happened to T-tops? They were everywhere in the 80s. From the 280Z to the Z28, America had a love affair with T-top equipped cars.

We try to have Bo on the show about once a month. If you have questions for Bo, you can send them to [email protected] We will forward them to Bo and discuss the answers on the air. We’ll take questions about anything from Diesel Extreme to hi-boy Ford 4x4s.