115. Why I Love Flatbed Trucking, and Buck’s First E-Product

Flatbed trucking is as good as it gets. I’ve pulled Flat beds, dry vans, and refrigerated units behind semi-trucks. I’ve pulled RVs and livestock behind a dually as a hot shotter. By far, flatbeds were my favorite.

Why I Love Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed truckingFor starters, flatbedding has it’s own lexicon. At least as far as my laptop’s spell check is concerned. Nouns become verbs most people never use. Flatbed becomes flatbedding. Tarp becomes tarping. Even securing the load becomes load securement. Securement isn’t in most spell checks either. Seriously. WordPress, the template I use for this website offers measurement and resentment as the correction of the word.

In this episode Don the beer guy and I will talk about flatbed trucking. We’ll also get into load securement, tarping and how the big companies manage the distribution of chains, straps, binders, tarps and bungee cords.

280Z project car

Last week’s show about project cars got me thinking. Those first 240Z sports cars were popular from the beginning. In fact, they were so popular, you could buy a new 240Z, drive it for a year, then sell it for more than you paid for it a year ago.

Th 280Z is another subject. A little bigger and plusher, the 280Z was quite popular. They made thousands of them. You can still pick up a daily driver 280Z for 2 grand. Then, you decide. It’s a blank canvas.

Other show notes

Flying J in Indianapolis burns.

Buck’s political rant.

How injectors are lubricated.

Man Cards

The man card project is going well. In fact, it’s getting time to order more man cards.

If you would like a dozen, I’ll gladly send them to you. Just send your snail mail address to [email protected] and be sure to include man card in the subject line. I mail them out every Monday.


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