112. Buying a Used Engine

We talked in episode 110 about Don’s truck, and buying a used engine to replace the worn out 4.9 liter 6 banger. You can hear it  here, at 110. Don the Beer Guy Kills His Ford 4.9. It was some interesting discussion about whether to replace a truck, or replace an engine.

Bo From Hot Shot’s Secret Sounds Off On Buying a Used Engine

Hot Shot's Secret, Diesel ExtremeBuying a used engine usually has it’s issues. You’re rarely buying an engine that’s still in the truck. If it is, it’s been cannibalized beyond the ability to hear it run.

The most common purchase is an engine on a pallet. Even if you can hear it run, it has no exhaust system except for the possibility of the manifold. It’s hard to judge in these circumstances.

In this episode we’ll be talking to Bo at Lubrication Specialties, the folks that bring you Hot Shot’s Secret. Bo is a diesel tech and resident gear head. He does have some specific advice on the subject of buying a used engine.

Bo also had some great advice for me in what to do with an automatic transmission that has probably logged 180,000 miles. After listening to the show again during editing, I’ve decided to follow his advice.

Is It All Stock?

A good question whether you’re buying a used engine or a used truck. When I sold my old 91 F250, that seemed to be a hot feature of the add. Other than a K&N air filter and a Cherry Bomb muffler, the truck was completely stock. Guys liked that.

Would you buy a used truck with an air box, engine tuner, aftermarket injection and exhaust? These things may be worth a premium, but did the same shop install everything? Do the individual pieces go together? What else had been altered? Are there items you need to replace or put back?

Drake Tax Service

We’ll also have a short conversation with Dan Organ from Drake Tax Service. There’s still plenty of time to call Dan and get your taxes taken care of. You can reach him at 715-234-3278.

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  1. I didn’t realize that buying a used engine always has issues. That kind of stinks because my car needs a new engine! I will take Bo’s advice into consideration when I’m looking around to find something decent! This was a great podcast I’m going to share it with my parents.

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