11 Ways To Put More Money In Your Pocket Now

Putting more money in your pocket with these steps. You can start today, and have something to show for it by the end of the day. By the end of the week, you can pile up some serious cash.

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11 Ways To Put More Money In Your Pocket

This article is written for the owner operator, but many of these steps will help company drivers keep more of their hard earned cash. These steps could also help you maximize your company fuel bonus, giving you MORE MONEY.

Air Up Those Tires

Before you start your day, make sure your tires are properly inflated. It’s free, and it will return instant results. I check mine every week, and run them at 110 psi, cold. I also check them at the end of my week, even though they are still a little warm. I never add air in this check, but if one tire is 30 or 40 pounds lower than the rest, I know I need a trip to the tire shop.

Slow Down

This works every time it’s tried. If you’re running at 70 mph or more, go a week at 65. It’s instant savings. Spend less, keep more. If you drive 2500 miles a week at 5.75 mpg, you’ll burn through about 435 gallons of fuel. At 6.5 mpg you only burn 385. At $2.50 a gallon, that’s 125 bucks a week in your pocket. Just these two tips could save you over 8 grand in fuel in a year, and the savings start immediately.

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Keep That Left Door Closed

Lets face it. Every time you stop for anything other than loading, unloading and ending your day, you’re not making money. In fact, you may be spending money. And you’ve gotta get 80,000 pounds back on the road and up to speed again, and this burns more fuel. Keep that rig rolling. That’s how we make money.

Move That Fifth Wheel Forward

If you can, move that fifth wheel plate forward and close up that gap. Find where it needs to be when you’re maxed out and don’t move it back unless you have to.  If you have a light load and a longer run, move it forward. The less distance between the back of the truck and the front of the trailer, the better your fuel economy.

Pack More Food From Home

Groceries cost a lot less at your local grocery store. If you know you’re going to be out for a week or two, stock up. It’s instant savings and it’s considerably healthier. You can still have a sit down meal from time to time, but stop eating the fast food crap. It’s unhealthy, and it’s expensive.

Take Your Break In Rest Areas

I use this to manage time, money and fuel economy. Public rest areas are closer to the road, so it’s quick on and quick off. That 30 minute break takes 33 minutes rather that 38.

Rest areas present less opportunity to spend money. They also provide places to walk and get some exercise.

Walk Across The Street, and Use That Dollar Menu

If there’s a fast food joint in the truck stop and another one across the street, you can bet the one down the street will have lower prices. Besides, you can use the walk.

Who needs the full meal anyway? Order your food off the dollar or value menu. Skip the fries and the overpriced soda. This could also be your chance to grab a few better snack choices for later. That yogurt parfait can sit in your cooler for hours. It’s cheaper and healthier than those overpriced chips at the truck stop.

Ration Those Smokes

If you smoke, you know you should quit. But cutting back is a great place to start. Same thing for chew. Cut your use in half by writing down your smoke time, then sticking to your schedule. Instant cash in your pocket.

Skip That Cash Advance

Cash advances at the fuel desk come with a price. Even those ATM fees add up quick. Take the cash you need when you leave home. Check with your bank and find out what ATM systems are in their network. Try to use only those ATMs. Never use the ATM in a truck stop. The fees will kill you. The acceptation to this is KwikTrip stores. They have no ATM fees, but your bank will still charge you.

Understand The Fuel Tax System

OOIDA has a great resource page to understand the fuel tax system. Pump prices are deceiving. You can’t find the best fuel price without knowing the fuel tax in that state, how that state deals with those collected taxes, and how much the tax is. Find it here, at OOIDA.com.

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There you have it. Eleven ways to put more money in your pocket, starting today. I’m sure you can add to the list. Please, pass on your tips.