108. Sell Your Used Truck Faster and For More Money, Trucker Dump Talk with Todd McCann

Want to sell your used truck faster and for more money? That’s what we’re talking about in the first segment of today’s show.

My old 92 F250 has served me well. I’ve only owned it for 9 months, but I’ve put nearly 11,000 miles on the clock. I named the truck Walt, after Clint Eastwood’s character in the hit movie Grand Torino. Walt’s daily driver was an older Ford F series. Although I had a lot of fun with that old truck, it was time to move on.

How To Sell Your Used Truck Faster and For More Money

My Old Pickup
I’m keeping the camper.

Three things I need to point out about this truck, and the transaction.

  1. The truck wasn’t perfect. It had things that didn’t work, or didn’t work as well as intended. I was right up front about them.
  2. It had a little rust. Not as much as most 1992 ford pickups, but it had rust. I didn’t try to hide it.
  3. I wanted a fair price for both of us. I wasn’t asking the moon, but a fair price. I wasn’t going to give it away, but I wanted someone to be happy with it.

Here’s why I think my tuck went quick, and to the first person who came to see it.

  • The truck was clean, inside and out. It wasn’t spotless. Because of the cold weather it hadn’t been washed for a couple of weeks, but it was clean. No junk behind the seat, under the seat or on the dash.
  • This truck had a paper trail. Although we new little about the truck for it’s first 15 years, it’s previous owner had a log of every dime he’d spent on the truck. Everything from a fuel injection pump rebuild to oil changes were written down, usually with an accompanying receipt. I tried my best to keep the trail going.
  • Behind the seat was the last third of a jug of Diesel Extreme by Hot Shot’s Secret. I explained when I used it, how much and why. I also told him about my results, and why I recommended he continue.

But I Have A Semi Truck To Sell

This stuff is even more important if you’re selling any kind of commercial vehicle. The more miles, the more important. Everyone wants to know what kind of life the truck has had. Was it serviced regularly? This is one of the reasons Don and I talk so much about the Frants bypass oil filters so often. What better track record can you give someone than a paper trail of oil samples and serious filtration? You can hear more about these at 78. Making Ford’s 6.0 Power Stroke Work. Although this conversation centered around the 6.0 Ford, it covers all diesel engines, big and little.

When you’re looking at a used vehicle, the one that’s been cared for always trumps. It may not be perfect, but it stands out. This truck stood out.

Todd McCann from The Trucker Dump Podcast

Todd and I have been talking and sharing ideas about podcasting for quite some time. We’ve also been going back and forth about truckers and sweatpants. I have to admit I’ve had a lot of fun at Todd’s expense. We finally had a free time for Todd to call in. You can find him and his show at Abouttruckdriving.com. Listen to episode 100 of his show and you’ll never use your credit card without thinking of him again.

Anyone who can call his wife The Evil Overlord without enduring a massive case of skillet rash is man card material in my book.

The Future of Truck Stops

Trucker Dave sent us his weekly segment, trucker tech. This week he reminds us of the old 90s technology Park N View, the newer IdleAir and a few ideas to carry trucking into the future. I can’t say I like where it’s going, but I think Dave is right. Let us know what you think.

The Midweek Show

Don and I will produce a midweek show this week. It may be a little shorter, but I should have it published Thursday. We just have too much good show stuff to skip it all. We have a lot of fun doing this. We both wish we could produce more shows.