12. Just the Best Trucking Podcast Ever

The Trucking Podcast, Episode 12

As we publish episode 12 of The Trucking Podcast we have to look back and see where we can grow. Where can we improve? What can we do better? Don and I want to bring you the podcast you just have to hear, every week. We also have to look back at what we have done. 12 shows in the archives, and an audience in the low hundreds doesn’t make us the next Bob and Tom, but that’s not what we’re trying to be.

Using The Trucking Podcast as our media of choice, we are working every week to bring you relevant, can’t live without content. Being father and son, and both of us working in the industry gives us a unique perspective into the wonderful world of trucking. We know it will be a lot of hard work, but it will be rewarding for both of us, and those of you who listen. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them. We take constructive criticism seriously, trying to learn and grow from every comment you guys send our way.

Show Notes

  • OOIDA calls for Anne Ferro to step down. Is this lady in over her head? Does she really give a rat’s ass about the American trucker?
  • 9 tips for the struggling owner-operator. This comes from an article from Overdrive Online, written by Bruce Mallinson of Pittsburgh Power. He certainly knows his stuff. Follow the link and read the entire article. It’s worth your time. I will add my tip that’s guarantied to put more money into every driver’s pocket. Owner-operator or not.
  • Don will fill you in on the latest news about the Hours of Service changes. I’ve read a bunch of stuff in the forums and much of it is misleading. The restart remains unchanged for now.
  • Another CNG update. I am really getting into this CNG thing. The compressed natural gas option does have a lot to offer. This week I want to focus on the difference between natural gas and propane. I also want to talk about duel fuel trucks and glider kits. Take a look at CCJdigital and check out the YouTube videos on the trucks. Three videos total, you will see a test drive, fueling with CNG and just what goes into a duel fuel glider.
  • Is the economy turning around for trucking? Are there really a bunch of “new” trucking jobs? Or is this just churn and turnover?
  • What’s up with low pay for port truckers? Just plug the question into any search engine and you will come up with a bunch of articles on the subject. It’s an interesting mix of owner-operators and independent contractors, all competing for cargo from the ports. They average around $30,000 a year, well below the average pay of most truckers. I’ll give you my spin on the issue.

We hope you enjoy episode 12. As always, we had fun putting it together. Be sure to sound off and let us know what you think.

Buck Ballard



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