5. Flashing Headlights Equals Free Speech

Here’s Episode 5, a little longer than the others. We’ve been doing two shows a week to start. We really need a few shows in the pipeline for iTunes. Now that we have the first five, we will bring you longer shows every week.

Flashing Headlights Equals Free Speech

We’ve all done it. It’s common etiquette among truckers. You pass a cop with a radar gun. He may be well hid. It may even be that same speed trap that you drive through regularly. Soon after passing, you see an oncoming truck. You give your headlights a flash or two to let the driver know what’s up. That’s what Oregon’s Christopher Hill did, and he was ticketed for this common courtesy. The cop said he was illegally using his headlights. An Oregon judge says different. Read the full story at Oregon On Line.

Other topics include a three year old boy who escaped his mother’s care and headed a couple of blocks down to the local bowling alley. He managed to climb inside his favorite toy, the claw machine. You know. The type of machine you feed with dollar bills into, in hopes of grabbing a stuffed toy with the claw? Yep! He managed to climb up inside the thing.

We also talked about 7 things the public doesn’t know about truckers, from an Overdrive article. Follow the link to catch the full story.

The YouTube video of the week is of a USA Truck driver, making a poor decision about how to get out of a bad situation. I’ve been lucky. I’ve never encountered a bridge too low.  I’ve had friends that had to deal with similar situations, but not me.

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